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"What would we do without you? You truly worked a speed miracle on the Obama interview, and we are so very grateful."  — Helga L., Der Spiegel

"I would just like to remark that our transcription service is doing a really good job on this and is continuing to do a good job." — Mark A., Office of Personnel Management

"Thank you for this excellent transcription.  We would like to use you again to transcribe the audio from our meeting." 

 Neal G., U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

​"We just used Malloy to transcribe an event with an economist who is French and not easy to understand.  The event featured four economists speaking in technical terms, and the transcript was done really well.  I cannot say enough good things about this experience using Malloy Transcription." — Liz R., Communications Director, EPI

"I was very impressed with your services and will use you again in the future.  I will pass along your name to others."  — Kelli Z., Assistant to Director, Smithsonian American Art Museum

"We are incredibly pleased with the service and the quality of the transcription.  We look forward to working together again in the future."  — C.E., Washington Center for Equitable Growth

"The interviewer in the transcript I sent you—a former high-ranking CIA official in Istanbul—called to compliment your transcription of the difficult Turkish names, which he said were letter-perfect.  In fact, he noted how efficiently and neatly the whole transcription was done. Thank you for the fine work." — Kara H., Executive Editor, The American Conservative

"Exactly as ordered! Thanks very much for your excellent service.  — Wayne M., Executive Director, Trust Fund

"You and your team's work is a huge benefit for our office, and people across External Affairs love the transcripts you produce.  Thank you again for all the work you do for us.  We couldn't ask for a better transcription service." 

Walter S., Office of Communications

"This has been the best experience ever." — Gwenn G., The New York Times

"Thank you for the quick turnaround on this." — Doug T., Environmental Protection Agency

"I wanted to follow up and give you a huge thank-you for the terrific work on transcribing the four webinars.  My colleagues were really pleased with the speed and quality of the work, and I personally appreciate being able to communicate with you so easily.  Should we need any transcription services in the future, I know who to call."

— Michael B., Program and Research Assistant, CSSP

"Thanks for the fast turnaround on these.  Very good work." — Muskadee M., Research Project Manager, National Indian Health Board

"I just had to let you know how pleased we are with these transcripts.  The quality of your work is outstanding.  I have passed your information on to others.  I want you to be our new transcription service."  Judy H., U.S. Department of Interior

"Thank you so much for this.  This is great." — Michael P., Council of the District of Columbia

"I appreciate the quickness and the accuracy.  I will recommend you to others and hopefully use you again as the need arises." — Richard L., Policy and Advocacy Director

"Your company was a delight to work with.  In particular, you were extremely helpful and knowledgeable on the finer points of transcription services.  Job well done." — Ben A., Scowcroft Award Fellow, The Aspen Institute

"I just finished reviewing all of the transcripts and wanted to let you know that you all did a fabulous job. The format is great and easy to read; the transcripts themselves are a very high quality (even in the cases where I gave you some pretty challenging recordings); and you did exactly what you said you would do and met every deadline along the way." — Stacia C., Government Services, KAA Federal Solutions

​"Thank you.  This is exactly what we needed!" — Byron C., D.C. National Guard
"Malloy was a truly accommodating and professional service.  It was a pleasure to work with your company. I was impressed with how personable your representatives were and with how efficient the team was in completing our project. I look forward to working with you again in the future." 
Nichole B., Production Assistant, National Association of Home Builders