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Why Us?

The mastery of transcription is more complex than just typing words from audio.  If the recording contains poor audio quality, technical subject matters, or speakers with accented speech, it is essential to have a seasoned ear.  This expertise is our strongest asset and what distinguishes our work product from others.

► Experience really does make a difference.

Transcripts are produced by a full-time staff of veteran industry professionals who have a strong familiarity with all punctuation style guides as well as a variety of transcript formats.  We believe that working collaboratively enhances consistency.

► All work is processed in-house by a team of seasoned professionals.

Every effort is made to obtain spellings of unfamiliar terms by utilizing the Internet and our extensive library of reference materials.  Attention to detail is an important part of our internal quality control.

► Each transcript goes through our comprehensive quality checklist.

Serving the Nation's Capital since 1978, we value the confidence our clients have placed in us.  Your satisfaction is always our top priority.  We're not the best because we're the oldest; we're the oldest because we are the best.

Sample of a published transcripts transcribed by Malloy Transcription Service: ​