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Welcome to Malloy Transcription Service.

If you need a transcript of your audio, video, tape, webcast, or teleconference recording, then you have just clicked the right link.  We are a professional transcription service located in Washington, D.C.

Discover why the experience of Malloy Transcription Service will make a difference in the readability of your document.  

  • Experience:  Serving Washington, D.C., since 1978, we are a leading provider of comprehensive transcripts to a variety of clients, such as Congress, Federal Government, conference planners, think tanks, film producers, court reporters, journalists, and academia.
  • Quality Service:  Our staff of seasoned transcriptionists has a strong expertise in all transcript formats and subject matters.  With typing speeds of 120-plus words per minute and a knowledge base that runs the gamut, we can produce transcripts expeditiously without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Convenience:  Send us one or multiple recordings using our file transfer protocol server, which is located on our Upload Audio page.
Our reputation has been built by word of mouth, the old-fashioned way.  We're not the best because we're the oldest; we're the oldest because we are the best.

Let us show you what a transcript is supposed to look like.